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On this website, one can find information on the research and further activities of the "Sports and Cognition"-group at the Institute of Sports Science, Leibniz University Hannover, as well as some professional information to my person. For further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Our research is grounded on the concept of embodiment and focuses on two main topics: motor decision making and joint action. In this context, we are interested, among other aspects, in the influence of age-related changes in cognitive and motor functioning on movement coordination. 

Melanie Krüger


++ NEWS ++

Article published in Human Movement Science

In a study, we investigated the effects of multi-tasking demands, imposed by writing a text message on a phone while walking, on human collision avoidance behaviour. We found effects on walking and writing behaviour, as well as interpersonal coordination to avoid collisions with others. This study has now been published in the journal Human Movement Science and can be freely accessed until mid of March via this link.

Thank you Johanna, Jonathan, Valentin, Timo and Joachim for their efforts during the conduction and publication of this study.

Orschiedt, J., Schmickler, J., Nußer, V., Fischer, T., Hermsdörfer, J., & Krüger, M. (2023). Writing while walking: The impact of cognitive-motor multi-tasking on collision avoidance in human locomotion. Human Movement Science, 88,103064.

Teaching project funded: "Innovation Plus"

Successful close of the year - the Ministry for Science and Culture of Lower Saxony has granted funding for a teaching project, aiming at fostering cooperation and constructive handling of conflicts during collaborative learning. The concept for this project was developed by team member Vladena Bätge-Jahn and will be implemented in cooperation with Sandra Günter during the study years 2023/224.

The press release of Leibniz University Hannover can be found here.

E-book published: "The Next Step in Developmental Embodiment Research"

Bringing the Frontiers Research Topic "The Next Step in Developmental Embodiment Research: Integrating Concepts and Methods" to a close, the collection of all 13 articles has now been published as E-book and can be accessed via the following link

Man thanks to Vanessa Lux, Amy Non und Gustaf Gredebäck, who made this Research Topic possible and also many thank to all researchers, who contributed their research to it!

dvs ad-hoc committee "Research data management" established

At the end of October, the Executive Board of the German Sports Science Association (dvs) decided to establish an ad-hoc committee "Research data management" and assigned me with its lead and organization.

++ Upcoming events ++

24th - 25th September 2022

"Bodies Move Differently in Presence"
Technical University of Munich

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