Research data management



Within the past recent years, researchers have been confronted with increasing demands for a sustainable research data management, often to foster Open Science efforts. 
These increasing demands are accompanied by a great potential of FAIR to Open Data for empirical research in sports science since it supports the reintegration of scientific knowledge as primary research data in subsequent research life cycles. However, this requires a sustainable infrastructure for effective research data management, the requirements and description of which are the focus of this work area.

dvs ad hoc-Committee

In October 2022, the German Society of Sport Science (dvs) decided to establish an ad hoc committee on the topic of "Research Data Management". 

The aim of the ad hoc committee is to identify the specific requirements and needs of sports science for sustainable research data management, as well as possibilities for the integration, development or promotion of a needs-specific research data infrastructure. 


Survey on current research data management practices and knowledge within the German sports science community

  • Platform: SoSci Survey
  • Collection period: 16th August - 30th September 2023


Krüger, M., Biniossek, C., Stocker, M., & Betz, D. (2023). Perspectives and Potentials of Open Data for the Sports Sciences: The “what”, the “why” and the “how”. Journal of Applied Sport and Exercise Psychology, 30(4), 167-176. doi: 10.1026/1612-5010/a000405. (Link)